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Your customers use the internet. This means that your business needs to be an online business. While you might be “bad at all that tech stuff”, your business needs to get it right if you expect to win in the market.

Growing up, my dad was a small business owner who never had a website or worried much about using technology. My first experience with digital marketing was building him a simple website and Google Search campaign in high school. Overnight my dad went from two hours of cold calling every work day, to never making another cold call again! The leads have just consistently kept pouring in ever since!

Back when I was in high school, I was amazed at how digital marketing could be such an advantage for a traditional blue-collar business like his. Today, I work with all kinds of business owners in all types of industries, but the situation has changed. It’s much more competitive to get leads online, and even a plumber or AC repairman needs to build an online business just to stay afloat.

It’s no longer just an advantage to have a great website, it’s actually a major disadvantage if you don’t. Your top competitors are investing in building a strong online presence, and if you can’t compete with them online then your business isn’t going to last.

What exactly is “Online Business?”

I tell all of my clients to think of their business in two parts: their “online business” & their “operational business”.

For instance, if your business sells candles then your “operational business” consists of making great candles, shipping them out to customers, managing employees, customer support, perhaps a retail store, and a whole host of day-to-day operations related to candles. Your “online business” might consist of a persuasive website, Facebook ads that target candle lovers, an Amazon store, several social media accounts, several email marketing campaigns, and perhaps even a youtube channel.

You can make the best candles in the world, but if you can’t bring people in and help them understand why your candles are the best, then you’ll go out of business. On the other hand, your candles might literally be nothing special at all, but if you are great at online marketing you’ll still be more likely to beat out competition and own a very successful company.

During the first two companies I started, I managed the “operational” business and I had a technical co-founder who managed the website and “all that other tech stuff.” The problem we ran into with both of these businesses is that even though my technical co-founder was an amazingly talented programmer, he had no idea how to build a successful online business that could consistently bring in leads. Creating great software is an amazing talent, but generating leads online is a completely different skill set, and it was missing from our team.

I learned a lot of lessons the hard way in my history as an entrepreneur, and now I help other business owners build successful sales channels on the web that help them grow faster than they ever thought possible. Over the past year, I’ve built a portfolio of 50+ long-term clients that trust me with their websites, branding, and digital marketing. Throughout this incredible experience, I’ve learned what it takes to bring in a website visitor and turn them into a new customer.

A lot of business owners are still intimidated by “all that nerdy tech stuff”, but with the right help, it’s really not as hard as you might think to learn the basics of online marketing. It turns out that while the day-to-day operations of each type of business are fairly unique, building an online business is pretty much the same process for everyone.

The exact technical details aren’t really all that important as long as you know how to get them done efficiently. What matters most is the overall business strategy of capturing the attention of strangers and then influencing them to become new customers. In the end, it’s not about what particular technology you use or even what you are selling, it’s about how well you can communicate the right information to the right people in the right order so that you get them to do what you want. As long as this is done with integrity, it means your customers will be getting incredible service and you’ll be able to sustain healthy growth for your business.

This all sounds great, but actually pulling it off can be difficult if you don’t know what’s going wrong, what tools to use to investigate the problem, or even what questions you need to be asking. With that in mind, I humbly invite you to invest some of your valuable time into reading my full eBook.


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  • Reason #2: Your Website Visitors Don’t Understand What You Do Or What You Want Them To Do

  • Reason #3: You Don’t Have The Right Content

  • Reason #4: You Are Asking For Too Much

  • Reason #5: You Are Letting Your Website Visitors Forget About You

  • Reason #6: Your Website Is Hard To Use

  • Reason #7: It’s The Wrong Time Of Year

  • Reason #8: You Don’t Know Your Numbers

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