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Web Design

Your website can either be an unproductive “online business card” or a productive “online employee” that gets the job done.

The vast majority of websites fall into the “online business card” category. These are cheap and easy to build, but they rarely give back any value or bring in leads.

If you intend to find lasting growth, you need a website that’s a valuable member of your team and a 24/7 salesman! To build this type of website, you need to get inside the heads of your website visitors and influence them to take the actions you want. That can’t happen without intentional design, great content, experimentation, and online business expertise. This is what our team delivers.

With Ambition Agency, we take the time to understand your business goals and then build a website that gives you the best chance of achieving them. We strive to be an honest business partner that helps you ask the right questions and find answers regarding your online business.

While other agencies focus on aesthetics or creativity, we focus on delivering a great returns-on-investment. We achieve this by saving your team as much time as possible and by using best practices to influence more of your website visitors to convert into leads!

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Digital Marketing

Every time someone makes a Google search or loads a page on Facebook, a light-speed auction takes place between advertisers. The digital marketing industry is a unique mixture of economics and psychology. Many of the best minds on earth are being devoted to getting more clicks for less money, so you will definitely need to hire the help of experts to compete online.

How much are you willing to pay for a hot lead? How much will it actually cost you? How do you know that you are getting the best price for these leads?

When it comes to digital marketing, you need a partner with integrity. Most business owners lose a lot of time and money before they are able to build a profitable sales channel with digital marketing. This is because there are so many agencies willing to sell whatever service you ask for, instead of doing the right thing and helping you identify the right services for your industry, stage of growth, and cash flow.

We don’t sell services to our clients unless we would pay for those same services if we were in their shoes, this is our golden rule. Unlike most agencies, we work with clients long term and help them scale their growth. Saving you money today means that you’ll grow and need more of our services in the future, so our team is motivated to help you build the most efficient digital marketing strategy possible!

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A great brand is a powerful mental “bookmark” in your customers’ heads. Your branding should help anyone instantly recognize you whether they are looking at an ad, website, poster, label, email footer, or billboard. This “bookmark” also represents the values of your business, and it should inspire positive thoughts and actions whenever it’s brought to mind.

Achieving these goals requires research, experience, strictly followed design specifications, and the time of talented designers. The pricing for our Brand Identity Guide (B.I.G.) package is $1,500. While you can certainly find cheaper options, buying a cheap logo is like hiring a cheap plastic surgeon. Your reputation is on the line, and while it’s hard to determine how much revenue a great brand helps you bring in, it’s even harder to measure how much a poor brand is hurting your business. Why risk it?

Our B.I.G Service includes:

  • A custom designed logo, along with every type of logo variation and file type that you will ever need
  • Professionally matched brand colors
  • Professionally selected brand typography
  • Instructions for how to maintain consistency between print & web

This service also includes two rounds of revisions for the logo.

For the first round, we offer several different logo approaches, then you critique these examples so that we know which details you like & dislike.

For the second round, we offer a couple more refined examples that match your feedback from the first review. After you pick one and let us know of any final tweaks you might want, we will go ahead and use the logo you picked as the design for all of the necessary logo variations.

Additional rounds of revisions are rarely needed, but if you request more, we will start to charge hourly at $79/hour to cover this additional labor.

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