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Kicking Off Our Newsletter!

We are excited to introduce the Ambition Network Newsletter, the newest tool for growing your business!

Each issue is designed to deliver to-the-point tips, insights, and resources that you can apply immediately.

Each issue will contain 5 sections:

  • Announcement – We are too busy building to publish often, so when we do it’ll be when we have something pragmatic and useful to say.
  • Recent Insight – Our company is growing fast and we are learning so much, this is a way for us to share key insights we’ve discovered.
  • Client Highlight – We want to build connections within our network, so we’ll be highlighting clients and sharing way’s we are helping them grow!
  • Useful Resource – Our leadership team reads a book every quarter and we use dozens of tools. Each newsletter will contain a recommendation on something we’ve found useful.
  • Message From Isaac – It’s not just what we do but how and why we do it, so I’ll be making a point to share personal messages.

The Ambition Affiliate Program

We don’t always want our service to be a bill, so we designed an affiliate program to help you earn passive income from the organic referrals you would have sent us anyways!

You’ll earn 10% of the monthly payment for every referral. Our goal is to offset your monthly payment until we are paying you every month!

You will get credit for anyone who finds us through your affiliate link or the link on the footer of your website, but referrals can also be sent over text, phone, and email. We’ve updated the Affiliate Area on our website with useful ideas for generating more referrals, and there’s even a form where you can directly send us any leads you may know of.

We build affiliate programs for clients and saw them find a lot of success, so it made sense for us to try the same strategy. If referrals are a key sales channel in your industry, then you should definitely explore ways to create incentives that encourage and remind your network to send referrals more often. Reach out if you would like our help brainstorming ways to accomplish this!

Know someone who could use a website? Start Earning Passive Income
Recent Insight

Joint Venture Marketing

Joint Venture Marketing simply means that you find creative ways to reach the audiences of other non-competing business owners in your network. The classic example is a chiropractic office and gym deciding to promote each other on their monthly email blasts. They are both trying to reach the same local demographic, so by promoting each other, they are mutually expanding their reach in the market.

This strategy is particularly attractive if you are B2B, or if you are in an industry that heavily depends on referrals and/or endorsements.

Last week I started a joint venture partnership with one of my favorite clients: Common Sense Herbs! This September we will be launching their new website, and it contains massive changes to their business model that need to be very carefully communicated. Since I have access to high-quality production equipment and talented video editors, I’ll be creating videos to help their customers make a smooth transition. They get informational videos they need for free, and my affiliate program offers a new way for them to get more revenue from their existing customers. I get exposure to a large audience in the natural health industry (which is already our largest niche), and my message will be delivered with the endorsement of a company that they already trust. It’s a very exciting win-win partnership!

If you are interested in forming a similar partnership with Ambition, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Customer Highlight

Nutrition and Health Center

This one of my oldest clients, and it’s been such a blessing getting the opportunity to work with them!

Nutrition and Health Center helps people build customize and holistic plans to find healing the natural way. My co-founder, Clay Vaughan, tells everyone that they literally saved his life. Clay has a life-threaten illness, and he was told by doctors that he needed to take a dangerous drug with strong side-effects for the rest of his life. Through the guidance of Steve Steeves and his team, Clay has regained his health through all-natural supplements that don’t lower his lifespan or share the same side-effects!

How we’re helping them grow

Steve & Amy recently hired us to create and manage a re-targeting ad campaign for them.

Research shows that only 2% of website visitors take any action the first time they visit a website. Re-targeting ads follow around the other 98% on Facebook and other websites so that they remember to come back and finish converting into a lead or customer. Since they are already familiar with your website, when they click an ad to go back they are very likely to take action. That means each click is worth every penny and these ads typically have a very strong return-on-investment!

This past Monday I pulled the data on their ad campaign, which had been running for about 3 weeks. After accounting for the cost of the clicks and my management fee, we found that they are getting 10-12 conversions (new customers) per month for $10 each! Since these ads are still very new, we haven’t even finished optimizing them or gathered many website visitors yet. With time, I think we can drastically improve on these results so that they are getting 20+ conversions per month for $5-$7 each!

Being able to deliver results like these for such a great business is why love my job! Please reach out if you are interested in setting up your own re-targeting campaign.

Useful Resource

Your Brain At Work

I read 6-10 entrepreneurship related books every year, and this one is so valuable that I plan on reading it at least one more time before 2018 ends!

It’s pragmatic, easy to understand, and each principle/insight it explores is pure gold.

The book starts by explaining that our brains are designed to receive complex information in the form of interesting stories, so the entire book explains how our brains work using a story. It follows a married couple as they face common challenges during a particular workday, and each chapter covers a part of their day from morning to night.

During the first part of each chapter, a character experiences some common problems we all face. The chapter then goes on to explain the recent neuroscience research that explains why these problems happen and how we can avoid these limitations. It summarizes by re-telling that same part of that character’s day, this time with them implementing the insights discussed and showing exactly how this helps them overcome each challenge.

This book is absolutely brilliant and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Message From Isaac

“I’m so excited to be launching this newsletter! It’s important to me that Ambition is always a valuable member of your team, and I sincerely hope that this newsletter will be a practical tool that helps you grow your business.

Please know that I pray for you and your business every week and that I’m so honored and humbled by the trust you’ve placed in my team. Please reach out if you have any ideas for how we can improve how we support you, and let’s keep building great things together!”

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