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Ambition is so great to work with! They value integrity and high quality work and are so professional and full great of ideas!
Rachel Kmiec
23:47 24 May 18
Hands down the best team of web designers we have ever worked with! This team shows great attributes such as integrity, high quality work, experience, and they're always in tune with whats trending in the world wide web. We Highly recommend them!read more
Common Sense Products
00:00 22 May 18
This is a fantastic company! Professional staff, and they provide a great product at a great price! If you are looking for a website, digital marketing, branding, etc, I would definitely recommend them!read more
james & alyssa hall
16:16 21 May 18
This company has been fantastic to work with. They are incredibly knowledgeable and take the time to explain their process. We have been thrilled with what they've done for us. I cannot recommend them highly more
Alicia Williamson
14:12 21 May 18
Isaac is such a pleasure to work with. His ideas and skill are unparalleled and he takes the time to get to know the client so everyone is happy with the more
Sarah Turner
13:35 21 May 18

“A great business isn’t built by taking shortcuts, it’s built by focusing on the right things and learning faster than your competition.”

-Isaac Valadez
Co-Founder & CEO

What We Do

It takes a lot of specialized skills to find success with your website, digital marketing campaigns, and branding. To give your business the best chance of success, you need a team of experts who understand your long-term goals and how to reach them.

The problem is, how can you grow your business until you can afford to hire a dedicated dream team? Relying on contractors is complicated, risky, and it doesn’t really make much sense. Why would someone charge a cheap hourly rate if they have the ability to make a lot of money with effective web design and digital marketing? If the only people who can deliver strong results charge high hourly rates, how are you supposed to afford the upfront cost of their time when you are still building your online presence? The market is flooded with failing agencies that don’t actually help clients make more money, and expensive agencies with high up-front costs that keep their services exclusive to those with large amounts of financing.

Ambition Agency is a 100% USA team of digital entrepreneurs that builds and manages an internal portfolio of successful businesses, and we also sell access to our expertise to clients like you! We’ve standardized, optimized, and streamlined the process of creating successful online businesses. This helps us lower the upfront costs of our services and make our highly valued expertise accessible to clients at any size or stage of growth!

We form long-term partnerships with our clients through fairly priced monthly payments. With Ambition, you’ll get ongoing access to the expertise and services you need for less than the cost of an intern! Hire us to do what we do best so that you can have more time for what you do best. Schedule a free consultation today and we will be happy to create a custom quote that fits your budget and reaches your goals!

Our Pricing
Our Services:
Web DesignDigital MarketingBranding

Our Pricing

There are a lot of things broken in the digital services industry. Many agencies take advantage of clients who lack technical knowledge, and most agencies are more focused on their next sale then getting tangible results for their current clients.

We’ve decided to design an entirely new type of pricing structure because we believe our clients deserve a long-term business partner that’s focused on their lasting success. In short, we don’t see ourselves as web designers and digital marketers, we see ourselves as the technical co-founder every business needs.

Our Quotes:
  • Deliver A Great Return-On-Investment
  • Keep Ongoing Costs Affordable For Our Clients
  • Build Lasting Partnerships Based On Mutual Trust
  • Minimize Paperwork & Administration Costs
  • Help Us Get Paid For The Value Of Our Time ($79/hr)
Free Consultation

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

For startups and small businesses, our landing page pricing is $199 upfront and then $99/month. We created a brand called Nerdly to service landing page clients.

For clients that need a full website, our professional web design pricing is $500 upfront and then $249/month. Please visit our services page for more information.

For online retailers, our eCommerce pricing starts at $750 upfront and then $349/month. Our team’s specialty is eCommerce, please read our case study to learn about the results we deliver!

Many of our clients start with a standard website, and then they need more complex features and digital marketing services as their business continues to grow. One of the most valuable aspects of working with Ambition is our availability for ongoing consultation. We can look at the analytics of your website traffic and help you make the right investments with the right timing.

You will always know exactly what you are paying for, and we’ll make sure you are getting the right services for your cash flow and stage of growth. Reach out today to see what we can do with your budget!

Why Are Fixed Contracts A Bad Idea?

Most web design agencies will create a fixed quote and then charge half up front and the remaining half upon completion. For a USA-based agency that’s creating a basic website, this usually comes out to a $3k-$6k quote that has $1,500-$3,000 due up front.

It’s hard to identify all of your needs and requirements until you start building out a website, so most website projects require additional features and development hours beyond the initial scope of work. This means you’ll end up in one of three scenarios:

  1. Your contractor has to ask for more money and you need to revise the contract every single time you ask for something new.
  2. Your contractor starts losing money because they underquoted, and then your project is either thrown together last minute or abandoned.
  3. Your contractor anticipated this situation and over-quoted to protect themselves, meaning that you overpaid.

When we used to do fixed contracts, we found that 30% of our time was taken up revising contracts, and those administration costs were being passed to our clients. In addition, our clients kept asking for help maintaining their new websites.

We decided to fix these problems by investing upfront labor into building a long-term partnership with our clients and then getting paid back slowly through fair monthly payments. This means we earn our profit only after helping our clients get the results we promised them, and we don’t need to waste time revising a contract every time the scope of work changes. All we want to do is create work we can be proud of while helping as many business owners as possible!

What Do My Monthly Payments Cover?

The majority of our monthly payments go towards covering the upfront costs of building out your website. After that is paid off, it goes towards earning a website refresh in the future. Instead of having to pay a large sum every 2-3 years to keep your website updated, our plans help you keep a perfectly maintained website for a steady monthly price.

Our monthly payments also include:

  • Premium high-speed hosting with WP Engine ($35/month value!)
  • Ongoing consultation from experienced digital entrepreneurs
  • Technical support and troubleshooting if any issues arise
  • Daily database & website backups so your data is always safe
  • Bi-weekly theme and plugin updating with bug-fixes for any incompatibilities
  • Website Uptime Monitoring, so that you have immediate support if your website ever goes down

In a nutshell, all you’ll need to worry about is your yearly domain registration. We’ve got everything else covered!

Are There Additional Costs Or Fees?

Texas-based clients are required to pay sales tax, but we don’t have any fees. All additional costs are based on hourly labor.
There are 3 types of additionals costs that may apply to your project:

New features, data entry, & layout changes
While we are building out your new website, pretty much anything you ask for is included. When you ask for more features & pages, it may delay the launch date a bit, but you won’t need to pay extra. After we launch your website, we charge hourly for additional features (such as online chat or new contact forms), regular data entry (such as adding blog posts), and large website layout changes so that these extra items don’t extend our labor cost faster than we are getting reimbursed through your monthly payments.

Premium Plugin Licenses & 3rd Party Content
We own licenses to most common premium plugins you might want to use, but occasionally you may want to use a plugin that we don’t already own a license for. These are inexpensive one-time costs, such as a $49 WooCommerce add-on. In addition, we include stock imagery for free, but a stock background videos usually costs around $79 each. For 3rd party expenses like this, we will get your approval to buy the license on your behalf and then ask to be reimbursed.

Over-Extended Projects
In rare cases, a project might require so much unexpected additional labor that it will take more than a year for the monthly payments to reimburse us for our labor. We are uncomfortable with the risk of being more than a year away from getting paid back, so we will need to switch to hourly compensation once a project is at 1 year away from repayment. For example, if you pay us $500 upfront and then $249/month for a standard website, we can include 41 hours of labor before needing to switch to hourly compensation. These types of projects are usually in the 20-30 hour range, so 41 hours in very unusual and only happens when a client asks for a significantly above-average amount of additional work or revisions.

What If I Cancel My Service?

We have the best cancellation policy you’ll find because we have the highest retention out of all our competitors. We keep our clients happy by delivering results, not by holding websites hostage like similar web design services do!

You may cancel your monthly website service at any time. Upon cancellation, any outstanding labor completed by Ambition Agency, which was not yet recovered through your regular monthly payments, becomes due at a rate of $79/hr. In addition, you may pay a $750 migration fee to keep your full website with all functionality intact, and we will migrate it to a WP Engine hosting account that you own.

Since our websites are built on WordPress, nearly any other web developer in the world can take it over if you ever decided to leave our service. Our monthly payments just make sure that we eventually get paid back for all the time and expertise we put into your website during both build-out and ongoing maintenance. We are motivated to build a long-term partnership that’s focused on growing your business!

What About Branding, Video, & Photography Services?

Our office has a full production studio that is perfect for capturing promo videos, and we have access to some of the best film editors in Houston. In addition, we have incredible photographers and graphic designers that have experience creating art that influences people and achieves results.

Ambition’s team has the ability to create any type of creative content you might need! In addition, we can build flexibility into our custom quotes. For clients who are already signed up to our web design services, we are able to offer monthly payment plans for these creative services as well!

Free Consultation

During this initial discussion we will learn about your business, analyze your competition to see what works in your industry, and discuss the details of what it’s like to work with Ambition!

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